I'm Carolina, but you can call me Carol, which where I’m from it is not an old lady’s name...

I’ve graduated from a university in London in Film & Communications a year ago, when I realized that before even thinking of getting a job (or at least trying to) I needed to take some time off for myself and travel a bit. As my passion has always been photography, I made this site to share with you my favourite pieces, all of which come from my last four-months journey around Asia, as well as many others.

But a little more on myself... 

I’m Italian (YES I CAN BE VERY LOUD AT TIMES!), born and raised in what I define a small town in the North of Italy, even though is quite big indeed – Modena. Check your bottle of Balsamic Vinegar and most probably, if you’re lucky!, it will say it was made in here.

At 16 I decided this wasn’t really doing much to me, and the big optimistic visions for my future led me in studying for a year in Wyoming, USA. I graduated from Wheatland High School at 17 and moved to London right away, where I lived for four years until September 2012, and where I left my heart.

Now I am back in Italy, but not for long as soon I will be moving back to London and kickstart my career!

Wanderlust is the word! <3